At Sinclair Smiles, we are dedicated to the health of our patient’s smiles and are proud to offer various dental products which can help promote optimal oral health. Interested in some of our dental products? Be sure to ask about them at your next visit with Dr. Sinclair at our Encinitas dental practice.

GumChucks Dental Flossers for Kids: $12

Have a hard time getting your child to floss their teeth? GumChucks are a newer flossing product for children that can help make flossing easier and more effective. GumChucks can keep constant tension while making the recommended C-Shape. GumChucks make flossing easy even for the youngest of patients and can even make their whole dental care routine more fun. We find that children who use GumChucks often floss more often, for longer and do it better.

Want to make sure your child is flossing correctly? Get GumChucks today!

3M ClinPro 5000: $20

Interested in trying a prescription-strength toothpaste that can remineralize your smile? 3M ClinPro 5000 is a prescription-strength toothpaste which can help strengthen tooth enamel, prevent decay and even reverse white spots. 3M ClinPro 5000 contains fluoride, calcium, and phosphate and provides remineralization, cleaning, and whitening.

Chlorhexidine Prescription Mouth Rinse: $10

Have you been diagnosed with gum disease? Recently had periodontal treatment? Chlorhexidine mouth rinse can help kill and control the bacteria responsible for causing gum disease along with helping patients maintain a healthy mouth after receiving gum disease treatment.

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