How NuCalm is Used in Sedation Dentistry?

February 11, 2022

Does the thought of undergoing dental treatment make you cringe? You are not the only patient who gets overwhelmed when preparing for a dental procedure. Truthfully, some dental works in dentistry can be painful and bring up feelings of anxiety. Instead of allowing the anxiety to cripple you and deter you from seeking treatment, consider the place of sedation dentistry to aid the performance of various dental treatments.

​What Is NuCalm?

NuCalm is a dental sedation technique used to calm and relax your body and mind by reducing stress and anxiety. This form of sedation does not employ the same medication used in conventional sedation dentistry. According to researchers in dentistry, NuCalm is the only patented neuroscience technology of sedation dentistry that can be relied on for treating dental anxiety before dental works.

How Does It Work?

NuCalm works by combining four different approaches to promote relaxation for your mind and body. The approaches are:

  1. Removing vision stimuli – using glasses or eye masks that block light.
  2. Naturally suppressing adrenaline – using a non-narcotic tablet that you chew. Other dental experts will use all-natural skin cream to achieve the same result.
  3. Blocking hearing stimuli – using noise-canceling headphones that block out any noises associated with dental works and instead produce soothing tones.
  4. Micro-current pads – placed behind your ears.

By combining those approaches, the therapy entrains brainwaves to transition to the stages of sleep, which reduce muscle tension and promote mental and physical relaxation. At such frequencies, your body and mind will hardly respond with feelings of anxiety. As such, you will have reduced gag reflexes when your dentist is working in your mouth. Dental experts also report decreased tension on the jaw, making it easier to target various aspects of your mouth.

What Does NuCalm Feel Like?

When dentists combine the four approaches and use them together, they have quick and safe effects on your body and mind, eliminating any form of anxiety you have. Most of our patients at Sinclair Smiles who have tried NuCalm say that it feels like the sensation of trying to fall asleep. Afterward, your body will feel refreshed and rejuvenated, which may last for days after the therapy.

​How Is NuCalm Used in Sedation Dentistry?

Thanks to the effectiveness of NuCalm in Encinitas, CA, it can help to overcome dental anxiety in dentistry. Dentists in Encinitas often have a hard time offering treatment to patients with dental anxiety. With NuCalm, patients can remain calm throughout dental procedures, even those that take a long time to complete. This form of therapy serves as an alternative to other types of sedation dentistry like laughing gas. It works great for patients who prefer a comfortable and effortless dental visit.

However, if you prefer other sedatives, they are still available for you. Besides, for emergency dental issues, IV sedation may work much better than NuCalm.

The Advantages of NuCalm Therapy for Dentistry

If you are considering dental sedative approaches before your dental procedure, talk to your dentist in Encinitas about the alternative of NuCalm, which presents the following benefits:

  1. Treating dental anxiety – can be serious enough to prevent you from seeking medication.
  2. Promoting relaxation and rejuvenation of your body that can last for several days after your procedure. Many patients report feeling well-rested after dental procedures instead of exhausted from long sitting hours.
  3. It is a natural way of reducing stress and dental anxiety. NuCalm therapy mimics the body’s natural way of winding down, especially when you are about to sleep.
  4. It is safe and effective for calming your mind and body before dental work.
  5. It is a painless approach to overcoming dental phobias.
  6. No downtime – after NuCalm therapy, you do not need downtime for your body to regain consciousness and stability. The treatment lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, upon which you can wake up and resume your regular routines. You can even drive yourself home.
  7. Encourages better quality sleep
  8. Lowering blood pressure and heart rate – to a healthy rate
  9. Boosting your energy levels and improving your mood long after your treatment ends
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