NuCalm®️ In Encinitas, CA 92024

Sinclair Smiles is excited to introduce you to NuCalm! The patented neuroscience technology that guides the
brain to a meditative state is HERE!

NuCalm is deep relaxation, stress management system that takes you to a level that is at the edge of sleep or more specifically, to Alpha and Theta brain waves.

image for human brain waves

It is the ONLY patented, all-natural and predictable technology that organically steers the brain to strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system (as opposed to the sympathetic nervous system) with NO DRUGS!

This is an AMAZING addition to our practice as many suffer from dental fears and anxiety. Dental fear/anxiety is NOT a requirement to benefit from NuCalm. Besides, WHO couldn’t use a RELAXATION boost in 2020!?

image of comfort chair of Nucalm

What is involved in a NuCalm session?

Biosignal disc on left wrist

  • Disc has electromagnetic charge
  • Helps stimulate the nervous system

Light-blocking eye mask

  • Helps to immediately increase Alpha brain waves
  • Blocks visual stimulation
  • Helps maintain a relaxed state
lady is taking nucalm treatment

Neuroacoustic Software through noise cancelling headphones

  • Proprietary audio tracks
  • Paces brain wave function between Alpha and Theta frequencies (12Hz – 4Hz)

NuCalm sessions can be…

paired with a dental treatment visit

  • Included FREE as an option in appointments exceeding an hour and requiring local anesthetic

paired with a routine dental cleaning

  • $30 fee
Nucalm treatment

done by itself (no dentistry involved)

  • $50 introductory fee (up to 50 minutes)
  • $75 single session (up to 50 minutes)
  • Packages for purchase will be available

Launching Thursday, September 3rd

Call us with any questions and visit for MORE details!

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