Why Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

Why Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

Jul 16, 2019
One must keep teeth healthy because it does not only help enhance the appearance of your smile but is also essential in terms of oral hygiene as well. Many doctors claim that there is a direct connection of mouth to the body and if one does not have healthy teeth, he/she can easily get prone to other health issues as well. One may consult the Encinitas dentist for suggestions to keep teeth healthy.

Early detection of disease

Most of the systematic diseases have early symptoms which can be seen through the mouth. The early signs of such disease can be mouth lesions or some other oral problems. Many diseases can also be detected through saliva. Issues such as bone loss in older men and cancer are easy to detect with saliva. In case of these signs, one must not delay the visit to the dentist at Encinitas CA.


Definitely, saliva is an indicator of disease but with this, it also contains pathogens that can provide a right defense system for bacteria. Enzymes in saliva degrade the membrane of bacteria and thus protect the mouth from it. Dentist at 92024 suggests keeping a strict check of the food intake because the mouth can also be an entryway for diseases.

The risks

It is important to keep teeth healthy because if gum infection persists, it may further cause loss of teeth. Oral infection is not only harmful to mouth but it may cause inflammation to enter into the body. It could also enter into arteries to cause issues of strokes and heart attacks. Pregnant women have more risk of health issues due to gum disease. It increases the risk of preterm delivery or low weight baby. Keeping your teeth clean is thus essential. Keeping gum and teeth healthy helps you stay away from oral issues because it reduces the risk of bacteria or virus to get into your mouth. Further, it also helps maintain your overall body health. It is thus essential to visit a dentist for regular checkups.
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