Which Foods Are The Healthiest For Your Teeth?

Which Foods Are The Healthiest For Your Teeth?

Apr 16, 2019
You may have heard than unhealthy eating habits may affect your health but unhealthy eating habits can actually affect your teeth health as well. When sugary foods come in contact with your teeth enamel they create bacteria that may cause cavities and tooth decay. To avoid such issues, it is always better to include healthy food in your diet. Dentist at Encinitas CA suggests taking only healthy food so as to improve your body health as well as your teeth health. Some healthy foods which is actually healthy for your teeth are:


Cheese is a good food product for your teeth. Cheese provides the ability to combat acid formation that has been created due to the eating of sugary food. Cheese increases the amount of saliva and thus helps eliminate the probability of tooth decay.


Oranges are citrus food that has rich source of vitamin C. This helps strengthen the teeth’ blood vessels and reduces the chances of gum disease. It provides an extra strength to connective tissue thus maintaining proper health of your teeth.


Water is an essential component of your saliva. Drinking adequate water can help maintain optimum level of saliva in your mouth which can enable easy chewing. This can also reduce the risk of tooth decay. Dentist at 92024 suggests water for healthy teeth.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are not only good for health but also for your teeth. Because they require extra chewing, they can flush out all acid remain. They are high fiber food which can keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Green tea

Green tea has Polyphenols which when interacting with the mouth’s bacteria, can suppress it. By killing any sort of bacteria or plaque deposit, it can help maintain fresh and clean teeth. Dentist at Encinitas suggests consuming it daily, to avoid the acid deposit. Now that you know which food can actually help maintain healthy teeth, you can maintain your strong teeth for long. If a further suggestion for teeth or tips for effective teeth care is to be obtained, you may consult a dentist near you.
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