Sensitive Teeth Treatment in Encinitas, CA 92024
Sensitive Teeth Treatment in Encinitas, CA 92024

Is tooth sensitivity getting in the way of your day-to-day life? Miss ice cream and cold beverages? At Sinclair Smiles, we understand how big of an impact tooth sensitivity can have on a patient’s life. While there are various products you can buy at the store that claim to help with tooth sensitivity, we find these products can often take months for any results. With advancements in laser dentistry however, Dr. Sinclair can now provide you with instant results from our sensitive teeth treatment in Encinitas.

Encinitas Sensitive Teeth Laser Treatment

Our laser treatments for tooth sensitivity are a conservative and affordable way for our patients to treat tooth sensitivity using a laser. Within just a few minutes, laser dentistry can diminish and even eliminate your source of tooth discomfort and sensitivity. No anesthesia is necessary, and the results should be immediate.

Research about laser desensitization of tooth sensitivity has shown that results can actually last for years and may be useful before teeth whitening treatments. Laser dentistry may also be covered by your insurance, be sure to contact them prior to your sensitive teeth treatment near Solana Beach and Carlsbad.

Schedule Your Encinitas Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Near You

Tired of living everyday with tooth sensitivity and pain? Contact Sinclair Smiles today to schedule your appointment with our teeth sensitivity dentist in Encinitas. Dr. Sinclair is always accepting new patients and would be happy to discuss your sensitivity and discomfort to determine if our dental sensitivity treatment in Encinitas, CA are the right option for you and your smile.



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