Cold and Canker Sore Treatment in Encinitas
Cold and Canker Sore Treatment in Encinitas

Have you noticed a cold or canker sore in or on your mouth? At Sinclair Smiles, we are proud to offer cold and canker sore treatment in Encinitas, Carlsbad, La Costa, Cardiff, Leucadia, Del Mar, and Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

Cold Sore Treatment Near You

A cold sore, also known as “oral herpes simplex,” is an extremely common virus; about 57% of Americans suffer. Cold sore lesions are highly contagious and can lay dormant in a person for months or even years. Sunburn, cold weather, trauma, illness, and even stress can trigger a cold sore. Cold sores are often found on the lips, gums, and hard palate of the mouth.

We offer the best cold sore treatment at Sinclair Smiles. We do both standard and cold sore laser treatment.

Canker Sore Treatment Near You

A canker sore, also known as recurrent aphthous ulcers, is extremely common; however, they are not contagious and are thought to be autoimmune related. Several factors are thought to contribute to canker sore formation, including stress, sleep deprivation, trauma, citrus fruit, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and even allergies. Canker sores are often found inside the lips, on the tongue, inside the cheeks, and even on the tongue.

When it comes to cold/canker sore treatment, we’ve found that laser dentistry is quite effective. The laser’s energy is used to dry out the lesion, kill nerve endings, and promote healing. The laser is also used to destroy the virus particles for cold sores. This can significantly reduce the healing time of the cold/canker sores.

We find the best time for canker sore laser treatment is when the lesion is still burning and/or tingling, halting the development altogether. The relief from discomfort and pain is pretty much immediate, and it can reduce the intensity and frequency of sore formation.

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