Don’t Brush after Every Meal!

Don’t Brush after Every Meal!

Jul 16, 2019

Many believe that brushing teeth after every meal can help maintain a healthy smile but as per the solana beach dentist, one must not do so. Eating food creates the right saliva to fight bacteria in the mouth. Immediately brushing can disturb this process and thus one must not do this.

Enamel is the main shield of the tooth. This acts as a hard mineral exterior for each of your teeth. When enamel is properly maintained, it can ensure overall dental health. There are many reasons which can affect this hardest part of the human body. Weaken enamels may lead to various dental issues.

A tooth can be said as healthy if it has a proper pH balance. It could live in the mouth only when it has the right pH balance. When this balance deviates from alkaline to acidic, a harmful process begins which is called demineralization. Demineralization acts as an acid attack that let harmful bacteria enter in your mouth.

Whatever you eat or drink, mouth pH fluctuates. The dentist at Encinitas suggests keeping healthy eating habits to avoid this. One must avoid highly acidic food because this can disturb the balance of mouth converting it from healthy alkaline to a dangerous acid.

It is sure that after eating highly acidic food, your teeth are susceptible to damage. This is the weakened state of your mouth which could actually damage your enamel. When the mouth is at the weakening stage, the dentist at 92024 suggests avoiding brushing because the abrasive bristles of the brush may wear away the protective surface of the teeth. You should thus avoid brushing for at least an hour after the meal.

You may either rinse the mouth with water or drink clear water after meal. After you have given your mouth time to return to a healthy pH you can brush your teeth. You can also chew some sugarless gum to maintain the right saliva in the mouth. Make sure the problem does not worsen. If you wish to know better tips for brushing you must immediately consult an expert dentist near you.

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