Saturday Dentist In Encinitas, CA

Are you looking for weekend dental appointments in Encinitas, CA? At Sinclair Smiles, we work on Saturdays to provide our patients with dental care. Finding a dentist open on Saturday near you should be easy. Patients need emergency dental care or other services on the weekend too.

Sometimes, waiting until Monday isn’t possible, and patients need a dental clinic open on Saturday. Our team is proud to serve patients on Saturdays and help them with their dental needs. Let’s not forget that in many cases, patients need an emergency dentist open on Saturday following trauma or something else that requires immediate intervention.

Why Do We Work on Saturdays?

We understand that people have busy schedules. Many people can’t take a day or two off from work to see their dentist. Additionally, some people would rather save their days off for something else. Finding dental offices open on Saturday can help us treat and take care of more people.

You can now get dental fillings, crowns, veneers, implants, and more on Saturdays. Patients can also schedule their regular dental check-ups and cleanings over the weekend if they can’t come in during the week. Finally, if you’re going through a dental emergency, you can trust us to see you on Saturday so we can take care of the problem promptly.

Dental Emergencies

There are a few things that qualify as dental emergencies. We realize that patients with toothaches might consider them emergencies, but they’re usually not. While pain due to cavities should be treated within a reasonable timeframe, it’s not an emergency that has to be seen within a few hours.

Dental emergencies include oral bleeding, dental and gum infections, severe uncontrollable pain, and trauma leading to knocked-out or loose teeth. Trauma can also damage the jaw, and that might also require emergency dentistry.

Our dentists are as qualified to deal with dental emergencies as they are with regular dental conditions. They have extensive training and experience. Our office also has all the tools they might need to take good care of you.

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