Dental Contouring and Its Benefits

Dental Contouring and Its Benefits

Apr 01, 2022
Are you unhappy with your teeth’ size or shape? Have you considered cosmetic contouring? If you have, then this might be the best choice for you. It is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that creates a flawless smile in no time without using anesthesia or expensive surgeries. What is dental contouring, what does it entail, and how does it help with your smile? We’ve discussed the most important information you need to know about dental contouring. Read on to know what it is, how it’s performed, its benefits, and pros and cons.

What is Dental Contouring?

Dental contouring, also known as teeth reshaping, is a cosmetic dental procedure that focuses on changing your teeth’ appearance. The process involves removing small amounts of your tooth enamel to its desired size or shape.

Who Are the Candidates of Dental Contouring?

Although dental contouring is a cosmetic procedure, it isn’t for everyone. Many people think braces are substituted by teeth reshaping. However, this procedure is not a fast fix for significant dental problems. If you have issues in your mouth like thin enamel, decaying teeth, unhealthy gums, or infected tooth pulp, you might not be a candidate.

The Procedure of Teeth Contouring?

During your appointment with your dentist for dental contouring, your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth to evaluate your oral health to determine if teeth reshaping is right for you. The aim of teeth reshaping is to fix smaller imperfections in your smile. If you and the dentist decide to continue with the procedure, you’ll inform your dentist why you want the reshaping and which teeth you want to be reshaped. Our professional dentist will use tools to remove the small amount of tooth enamel during your procedure. This is to subtly change your teeth’ appearance, size, and shape. The dentist removes a tiny amount of tooth enamel which still makes a difference in your teeth’ appearance. Your dentist may decide to combine the procedure with tooth bonding. The bonding uses a composite resin that is tooth-colored to correct your imperfections. Finally, the dentist polishes your teeth to make everything look uniform and normal for your improved and new smile.

How Does Dental Contouring Transform Your Smile?

Dental contouring brightens and enhances your smile in perfecting the shape, length, and alignment of your teeth. Smiling leads to the release of certain hormones in the brain, making you feel more relaxed and willing to interact more with those around you. Our Encinitas dentist may perform the following to help in your smile:
  • Fill in gaps between your teeth with tooth-colored resin
  • Trim a long tooth to improve your bite
  • Smooth chipped, jagged, or uneven teeth to create a uniform appearance

Benefits of Teeth Contouring and Reshaping in Encinitas

Dental contouring can offer many benefits, although you’re mostly focused on improving your smile. Get your teeth recontoured at Sinclair Smiles today to get the following benefits:
  • Improves Appearance by Altering the Size and Shape of Your Teeth
Your dentist removes some tooth enamel to shorten and reshape your teeth during the recontouring process. This will create a picture-perfect smile.
  • Improve Damage from Grinding Teeth
When your dentist smooths out uneven and jagged areas, they help improve damage from grinding the teeth.
  • Fixes Chipped, Crooked, Cracked, or Improperly Aligned Teeth
Teeth reshaping gives your dentist a chance to correct small issues such as cracks, poor alignment, and chipping.
  • It Makes It Easier to Clean the Spaces Between Teeth
Misalignments or overlaps can lead to tartar and plaque buildup. Dental contouring gets rid of overlaps that could conceal bacteria or germs.
  • It Is a Painless Process
Tooth enamel is made of minerals with no nerves or blood vessels. As a result, you don’t need any localized anesthesia or pain medication after the teeth contouring process. Pros and Cons of Dental Contouring Like any medical procedure, you should consider aspects before moving forward. Below are some cons and pros to know before getting dental contouring: Pros
  • Tooth contouring lowers the risk of infection
  • Improves or enhances your smile
  • It’s a painless procedure
  • Dental contouring provides a cheap alternative to cosmetic dentistry.
  • The procedure achieves small changes in shape and size since your tooth position and structure limit it.
Risk of damage to teeth- since there’s the removal of enamel, your teeth may become more exposed and sensitive after the procedure.
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