Can You Sleep With Snap-on Dentures?

Can You Sleep With Snap-on Dentures?

May 04, 2022
Tooth restoration has come a long way. There are several procedures for replacing missing teeth today than a decade ago. People who need to replace several teeth in a row or the entire jaw have the chance of getting dentures. These prostheses have been made more comfortable and natural-looking by using dental implants. Here is what you need to know about snap-on dentures.

What Are Snap-on Dentures?

These are dental appliances made up of an arch of dental crowns and small titanium posts known as implants. The implants are embedded into the jawbone beneath the gums and connected to the crowns. Snap-on dentures are also known as over-dentures. When placing these implant crown restoration, the dentist utilizes two to four implants in each jaw. Once the implants are placed into the jaw, it will take two to six months to bond together. After getting anchored in place, the dentures are attached to them. Clips or balls and o-rings are used the most common connecting devices used. They allow patients to remove the over-dentures for cleaning and sleeping easily. Taking care of snap-on dentures is easy. You only need to clean them daily using an extra soft toothbrush and mild liquid soap or denture paste. The connectors, too, should be gently scrubbed. Finally, do not forget to clean your mouth, gum tissue, the roof of the mouth, tongue, and implant abutments.

Eating With Implant-Supported Crowns

Before getting implant crown restoration in Encinitas, you should consider a few factors. For example, you should know all there is to know when eating with snap-on dentures. Once the dentist fits you with new implant-supported crowns, it will take a little time to get used to them. Although you will feel comfortable in no time, eating will be challenging before then. In the meantime, you will need to watch what and how you eat. Dentists recommend sticking to a diet of easy to chew and non-sticky foods. In addition, you should cut foods up into bite-sized pieces. It prevents biting into them using your new teeth because your gums will hurt. In addition, you should chew slowly and carefully using both sides of the mouth. Be careful when eating foods with tiny particles, such as chewy meats, hard rolls, and bread. This is because the particles can get caught underneath the dentures resulting in pain and discomfort. Swish water around the mouth after eating to remove the tiny particles.

Sleeping With Implant-Supported Crowns

Snap-on dentures are different from traditional dentures in comfort. As a result, most people feel comfortable sleeping while wearing the devices. You can take a nap or keep them in once in a while but wearing the over-dentures each night is not recommended. Dentists advise patients to remove the dentures nightly for cleaning. If you sleep with them often, you are more likely to develop infections in your mouth. For example, challenging to treat fungal infections such as candidiasis can develop in the mouth. So, no matter how natural your restorations feel, you should take them off your mouth before bed.

Affordable Dentures at Sinclair Smiles

Everybody deserves a beautiful smile and fully functioning teeth. So, do not put off dental work because of the high costs associated with dental procedures. Instead, contact us at Sinclair Smiles for affordable dental treatments, including dentures. We are dedicated to improving your appearance, smile, and quality of life.

Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Here are great reasons to consider implant crown restoration.
  1. Dental implants secure dentures in the mouth, ensuring they do not slip and move when talking, chewing, or smiling.
  2. They help give dentures a natural appearance, feel, and function. The implants act as tooth roots while the dentures replace the upper part of the teeth.
  3.  You cannot comfortably eat anything you want with dentures. However, when dental implants support them, there are no restrictions to your diet.
  4. Snap-on dentures are more comfortable than traditional dentures. They fit better, resulting in less friction on the gums.
  5. The implants in these dental prostheses help correct jaw bone loss and prevent further loss with wear. Keeping the bone tissue intact preserves the facial structure.
  6. They are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional dentures since they appear more natural.
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