Can a Person with Dental Anxiety Get Dental Implants?

Can a Person with Dental Anxiety Get Dental Implants?

January 16, 2019

Anxiety is a serious issue which most of the times gets better of us. There are many people who suffer from dental anxiety. They may have had a past dental experience that scared them which is why they are anxious about getting any dental treatments in future.

According to Dentist in Encinitas, there are as many as 40 million Americans that struggle with dental anxiety and it reflects that dental anxiety can’t be underestimated as it’s a prevalent issue. However, Dentist near Encinitas CA says that dental anxiety should not prevent you from getting dental treatment as there are options such as sedation dentistry which can help patients get through the procedure who suffers from dental anxiety.

What to Expect During the Dental Implant Process?

According to Dentist in Encinitas, most people are perfect candidates for a dental implant. When you visit the clinic for the first time, the dentist will perform a thorough examination which includes X-rays. It helps in knowing the quality of bone tissues which is important for the treatment. In some patients, bone grafting is done as a part of the pre-treatment. This may add several months to the overall tooth-replacement procedure but also make the outcome perfect. On every step, the dentist will try to offer you complete peace of mind.

According to Dentist in 92024, the planning of dental implants consists of using 3D imaging which is helpful in achieving highest degree of accuracy while choosing the size, type, and situation of implants in your jawbone. The imaging helps in seeing ahead of time reducing the time taken for your dental procedure.

The sedation dentistry uses sedative methods for numbing the site of procedure so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain. There are different types of sedation and they are usually helpful when the procedure is to be performed on a child or a patient with dental anxiety. So, now the patients with dental anxiety don’t have to worry about getting dental implants as they can take resort to sedation dentistry to combat the anxiety.

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