Why Replace Teeth with Dental Implants if I Can’t See Them

October 22, 2018

The back molars in our smiles are an incredibly important set of teeth. Molars support a lot of pressure as they grind and chew foods throughout the day. They truly provide us with an essential part of our existence as they help to break down our foods. Despite this, many people have a hard time understanding the reason they need to replace their back teeth with dental implants if they are missing or severely damaged. Our team at Sinclair Smiles offers a wide range of restorative solutions that help to keep our smiles and bodies healthy. Continue reading on to better understand why replacing teeth with dental implants is necessary even if they are not visible.

What are the immediate side effects of missing back teeth?

As previously mentioned, missing molars affect an individual’s chewing abilities. Another concern is the risk of shifting surrounding teeth into the missing space. Some of the tooth’s roots can ultimately be exposed. If this happens, then the alveolar bone can be greatly affected. This bone is the basis of the foundation for the teeth. The overall chewing abilities of the rest of the teeth are not damaged.

What are the long-term effects of missing back teeth?

The overall bite of your smile will be affected as well as the alignment of the jaw and teeth. This increases the risk of teeth rubbing together which leads to erosion and loss of enamel. Erosion can be very painful and irreversible. TMJ disorder symptoms may start to occur, such as headaches and chronic pain. The teeth will shift, even more, leaving you with a totally crooked smile.

Dental Implants in Encinitas, CA

All of these effects can be eliminated with just one simple step. Contact our implant dentist in Encinitas to schedule your consultation if you are affected by missing molars. Our Encinitas Dentistry can connect you with one of our trusted implant specialists to perform quick procedures that will transform your smile and prevent a whole slew of issues. Call our office today to learn more!

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