When Does Tooth Recontouring And Reshaping Become Necessary?

November 1, 2020

Tooth recontouring and reshaping are excellent solutions if you need minor repairs or adjustments to enhance your teeth’ looks and feel. If you have minor defects with your pearly whites, dental contouring may be the perfect solution for your needs.

The procedures of tooth contouring and reshaping are part of cosmetic dentistry that make subtle changes to your teeth. The minor changes made by these procedures can make a significant impact on your life at times.

Problems like overlapping teeth or irregularly shaped teeth, tiny chips, or excessively pointed teeth are quickly fixed with tooth recontouring by the Solana Beach dentist by removing some enamel from your tooth.

Tooth Reshaping Explained

Dental contouring is another name for tooth reshaping, a cosmetic dentistry process that removes tiny amounts of tooth enamel to change the shape, length, or surface of one or more teeth. Reducing the enamel recontouring by a few millimeters can make a significant difference to the appearance of the tooth. Tooth reshaping is often combined with dental bonding, a cosmetic dentistry procedure using tooth-colored composite resin to sculpt and shape the teeth.

What Are Involved in Tooth Recontouring And Shaping?

Dental instruments are used with abrasion techniques when performing tooth reshaping. Teeth recontouring in Encinitas takes x-rays before beginning the procedure to make sure your teeth are healthy. The dentist then marks your teeth with a pen to highlight the areas to be sculpted. Sanding instruments help to eliminate or minimize imperfections on the surface of the teeth artistically before the teeth are eventually smoothed and polished.

The Benefits And Downsides of Teeth Recontouring and Reshaping

Tooth recontouring and reshaping are conservative methods for changing your teeth’s appearance. However, there is no harm in understanding the procedure’s benefits and downsides to determine whether it is appropriate for you.

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The Benefits of Contouring And Reshaping

  • The procedure is an inexpensive method of improving the appearance of your teeth. The complexity of the work on your teeth determines the prices for the process, which are usually between $ 50-$ and 300 per tooth. If the defects bothering you result from an accident or trauma, your insurance company may reimburse some of the costs.
  • Tooth recontouring is a painless procedure because it only involves removing the surface enamel. You will not experience any discomfort, and anesthesia is not required.
  • Recontouring and reshaping your teeth’ health by removing minor overlaps or other imperfections where plaque and tartar buildup can make you vulnerable to the risks of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • In some cases, teeth recontouring and reshaping can substitute for braces because the procedure makes the teeth appear straighter by eliminating minor overlapping.

The Downsides of Reshaping And Contouring

  • Some cosmetic dentistry procedures can make your teeth look whiter or even cover the entire front surface of the front teeth. Contouring and reshaping your teeth only make subtle changes that will not dramatically change the appearance of your smile or the color of your teeth. The procedures are beneficial to eliminate minor imperfections only while having veneers on your teeth can give them an entirely new appearance.
  • You are vulnerable to the risk of tooth damage depending on the enamel quantity removed during the contouring and reshaping process. If the dentist is not careful and releases too much enamel reshaping, your tooth becomes vulnerable to breakage.
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Are Tooth Contouring And Reshaping Appropriate for You?

Contouring and reshaping our excellent procedures if you need tiny adjustments to improve your teeth’ appearance and feel. The process may not be suitable if you have decaying teeth, unhealthy gums, or have undergone root canal treatment.

If you plan extensive cosmetic dentistry procedures reshaping and contouring may be the first step you may have to take. You can contour and reshape and then arrange to undergo cosmetic improvements with veneers, crowns lengthening, and teeth whitening. You can do so months or even years after contouring and reshaping. However, if you aim to avoid the expense and time needed for cosmetic dentistry procedures reshaping and contouring are just the solutions you need to improve your smile.

It will help if you visit tooth contouring in Encinitas to discuss your situation and obtain help from the dentist in Encinitas, CA, to make an informed decision. It will put you in a better position to decide why you want the changes made to your teeth and to plan for the procedures if required as needed.

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