Ways to Strengthen Tooth Enamel

December 1, 2018

The enamel on your teeth plays a vital role in keeping your teeth healthy. Enamel works as a shield, protecting your teeth from harmful substances. Unfortunately, enamel isn’t indestructible. Sugar creates acids in your mouth that will actually cause the enamel on your teeth to deteriorate. In addition to this, eating hard, crunchy things, such as ice, can also wear away at enamel. Now, that you’ve heard the bad news, here’s the good news: there are things that you can do to strengthen the enamel on your teeth! And, if you’re looking for a dentist in Encinitas 92024, we can help with that too!


The key to keeping the enamel on your teeth nice and strong Is your diet. Sugars and starches are going to be your main target area. They stick to the enamel on your teeth and can slowly eat it away. They also work to create those acids that we previously mentioned that deteriorate enamel. Be especially wary of juices and soda as they are often culprits in wearing away enamel. In addition to limiting sugary and starchy foods, a healthy diet in general will aid in the remineralization of your enamel.

Oral Hygiene

While diet is crucial in protecting the enamel on your teeth, Encinitas dentists will tell you that being proactive about oral hygiene is important as well. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. However, it never hurts to brush after meals as well, especially if you have just indulged in something extra sugary. Taking the time to floss will also benefit you greatly. Unfortunately, brushing alone will not get all the little food bits in the tight spaces between your teeth. And, if you really want to be on the ball, use a little mouthwash to flush your mouth of any harmful bacteria.

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