Types of Procedures Involved in Smile Makeovers in Encinitas

Types of Procedures Involved in Smile Makeovers in Encinitas

May 01, 2021

Do you ever long for a more beautiful smile than what you have? Modern dentistry has proven that anyone can improve the appearance of their smile. Processes like smile makeovers have been performed by dentists in Encinitas multiple times to improve the aesthetic appearances of people’s smiles.

When talking of a smile makeover, you are not referring to one particular dental treatment. A lot is involved in beautifying a smile, depending on what was wrong in the first place.

What Is A Smile Makeover?

It is a process of improving the appearance of the smile through modifying, repairing, and restoring different features in the oral cavity. Smile makeover services are offered in cosmetic dentistry, which majors primarily on the aesthetic appearances of a smile. For a smile makeover, therefore, you would not need the services of a general dentist, but rather if a cosmetic dentist near you.

A smile makeover is a process that takes time, given how many changes a patient wants for their smile. For some patients, a single cosmetic procedure can transform their smile, while others require multiple procedures. The good news is that there are a variety of cosmetic treatments to choose from for the beautification of your smile.

Common Cosmetic Procedures for Smile Makeovers

Before any treatment or procedure, consult your dentist about the oral needs and goals you have. This way, your dentist will create a treatment plan that will help you understand what changes will be made in your mouth, based on the kind of procedures to be performed. The common types of procedures to expect, include the following:

  • Cosmetic tooth replacement – involves using artificial teeth to replace any missing teeth in the mouth of a patient. Tooth replacement can be performed using different oral appliances, based on the needs and preferences of an individual. A cosmetic dentist can either place dentures, dental bridges, or dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Dental implants are used to realize a more permanent result, which dentures are mostly relied on for multiple tooth replacements. Bridges are commonly used to replace one or two missing teeth in a row.
  • Teeth reshaping – involves procedures that modify the shapes of teeth. If you have a crack or break on your tooth, you need a reshaping procedure. Further, if you have unusually shaped teeth, perhaps too pointy, unusually short, or even too rounded, you need a procedure to reshape your teeth. A dentist will use dental bonding procedures and dental veneers to alter the shape of your teeth.
  • Teeth whitening – even though it is a common procedure in general dentistry, teeth whitening is a major process in cosmetic dentistry. It works to improve the brightness and whiteness of teeth. In some cases, a dentist will directly bleach the enamel of your teeth to get rid of any stains. On other occasions, the dentist will use dental veneers to cover the stained teeth and improve their brightness.
  • Cosmetic orthodontics – involves processes that help realign and reposition malpositioned teeth. For patients with complex malocclusions, they may need to wear braces for several months to correct the alignment of their teeth. However, for patients with mild cases, for example, spaces between teeth, a cosmetic dentist may recommend using dental veneers to close up the spaces between your teeth.
  • Gum surgery – sometimes the only way to beautify your smile is to work on your gums. Some patients have a gummy smile, where a lot of the gum tissue shows when they smile. For such, the surgery performed is called gum reduction surgery, meant to reduce the gum tissue. For others, however, the challenge is gum recession, where the gums pull away from the teeth. Correcting this issue involves a gum grafting surgery to repair and restore the lost gum tissue.

Should You Consider A Smile Makeover?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the appearance of your smile, as long as your reach out to a cosmetic dental expert to do so. However, realize that some smile makeovers may last longer than one day, depending on the kind of procedures performed to modify the features of your smile.

“Any crown or inlay/onlay treatment can be completed the same day in one visit. No need to come back for follow up appointments.”

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