The Benefits of Children’s Dental Care

The Benefits of Children’s Dental Care

Jul 05, 2018

Did you know that almost 20% of children in America over the age of two will experience a cavity? Not only is this unfortunate for the child, but it is also unfortunate because it is completely preventable. While baby teeth are less strong and more susceptible to decay, they can be avoided with proper at-home care and routine visits to your pediatric dentist. At Sinclair Smiles, we recommend your child visit us once their first tooth has erupted, this allows us to properly monitor their oral health from the very beginning, making any treatment plans necessary for the best oral health possible. Want to help your child avoid uncomfortable cavities or other side effects of poor oral hygiene? Schedule their first appointment with Dr. Sinclair today!

About Pediatric Dental Care

You may be wondering what is so special about “pediatric” dentistry, well it is a branch of dentistry that focuses only on children and their developing smiles. At Sinclair Smiles, we can provide treatment from infancy onward, no need to find a new dentist once your child has become a teenager.

The Benefits of Pediatric Dental Care

When it comes to optimal oral health, we believe that it is important to start from a young age. There are many benefits of scheduling pediatric dental visits for your child, which include:

  • We can monitor your child’s oral health for any signs of problems, including decay, damage, infection, or even alignment and spacing.
  • We can help educate your child about the importance of dental care and teach them how to practice proper at-home dental care.
  • We can thoroughly clean your child’s mouth, ensuring that everything is removed including the areas children frequently miss.
  • Children who visit the dentist in Encinitas, CA in an early age are less likely to have dental complications later in life.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Appointment Today

Want to make sure your child has the healthiest smile possible? Schedule their first appointment with Dr. Sinclair today! We are always accepting new patients and look forward to meeting your little one.

“Any crown or inlay/onlay treatment can be completed the same day in one visit. No need to come back for follow up appointments.”

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