Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Aug 14, 2018

Dental porcelain is an excellent choice to replace missing or damaged teeth while maintaining a perfect smile. When you have significantly damaged or missing teeth, the porcelain can be molded not only to fit the look of your teeth but also to enhance the natural appearance of the surrounding teeth as well.

If you have given thought to the course of action you would like to take concerning your teeth, don’t hesitate to contact your dental health professional. They would be happy to walk you through the right course of action for you. Porcelain bridges are great choices for cosmetic reasons as they can brighten up a smile while maintaining the look of natural teeth.

Benefits of a Porcelain Fixed Bridge

The porcelain bridge functions by substituting the missing teeth by using the surrounding teeth as a base. This creates a connection between the existing teeth and the new bridge. Dental porcelain is a prime choice in dental fixtures because it has the ability to be molded to match the existing teeth and fit well in the mouth. Porcelain can mimic the glossy look of tooth enamel and can withstand the natural conditions in the mouth.

Maintenance of a Porcelain Bridge

The maintenance of a porcelain bridge is a simple task. As long as the bridge is treated with the same care as your natural teeth, you will have no complaints about the bridge. It is recommended to continue a regular routine of teeth brushing with a gentle toothpaste that includes fluoride and maintain frequent flossing.

It is suggested to schedule an appointment to follow up on the installation of your porcelain bridge with your Encinitas dentist. This is so they can inspect the bridge and determine how well your mouth is responding to it. This check-in will be an important step in your journey with your porcelain bridge.

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