A Quick History of Dental Implants

A Quick History of Dental Implants

Nov 16, 2018
The comfort and functionality of today’s dental implants improve both the smile and the overall quality of life. Early forms of dental implants were applied thousands of years ago emphasizing the importance of a healthy smile and comfort. However, only in the modern era have dental implants been considered the “gold standard” of tooth replacement and made available and accessible to all. Below is a discussion of the origins and the applications of dental implants.

Ancient Times

Early civilizations in the Eastern Hemisphere used wire of gold, oxen bones, and ivory for tooth replacement and for the stabilization of permanent teeth. However, it is the Mayan civilization in the Western Hemisphere that is accredited for realizing the need for bone and tissue to form around the artificial tooth.

Mid-Modern Times

Implants became more sophisticated during the period between the 17th and the 19thcenturies with the use of teeth from the poor or from cadavers for tooth replacement. However, this procedure was only accessible to royalty and the rich and not particularly effective due to the lack of sanitation. It was during the late 19th and the 20thcenturies when the most modern strides in oral surgery experimented with the use of biocompatible metals and orthodontic screws. Implant surgery still remained inaccessible and elusive to most of the general population. It was in 1978 when threaded titanium implants were developed and tested.

Modern Day

Dental implants are now accessible to all with the costs supplemented by either dental or medical healthcare coverage. Patients with implants enjoy a quality of life comparable to healthy, natural teeth. The care and permanence of implants are the same as biological teeth and come without food restrictions. Dr. Sinclair and the team of trusted dental healthcare professionals are available for consultations in general, cosmetic, and progressive treatments customized for you. Sinclair Smiles located near you in Encinitas, California in the 92024-zip code, is trusted and highly recommended in serving current and new patients with personalized care, modern and innovative technology, and flexible scheduling. Call Sinclair Smiles today for a consultation specific to your needs and goals.
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